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The Black Dollar, for too long has virtually disappeared from providing stability within the Black community. It has left the base of our economic infrastructure, fractured and weakened. The impact of theses losses has eroded our small businesses, healthcare and education system, with judicial policies and high unemployment, which threatened our political power and ripped families apart. This website is designed to speak to the SOLUTION, rather than the problem.

We are extremely pleased to present to you Connect2Black. It is a Black Business Directory, Travel Aid and Resource Guide mobile app, for and about Black owned businesses. It has a multiplex user-friendly platform for all mobile devices. It is designed to connect conscientious Black people with other like-minded people doing positive progressive things within Black Commerce, Culture and Community. Our primary focus is on the bold act of recognizing and understanding the responsibility we have to our family and community to buy Black. Thus the frequent use of this app as a way of life can help strengthen the sustainability of Black wealth.

Initially, launching in New Orleans, and subsequently outreaching in other major cities. Our primary objective is to reach millions of users wanting to do their part to celebrate the resources and talents found in the Black community, while expanding the wealth and securing a place at the economic table. This will be achieved through the implementation of our robust mobile online infrastructure that takes you right to the source of good qualified Black Owned businesses, cultural activities and safe communities.

Whether you are a part of a convention, in town as a tourist, new resident to the city, or even as a native, and you want to connect to the best Black owned enterprise, entertainment venues, barbers or beauty salons, shopping strip malls, church revivals, festivals or Pleasure Club parades that are nearest you, our Geo-Mapping feature will connect you to the source of your interest. It will also serve as a personal concierge for you, and tour guide to help you establish a well planned itinerary with options for your personal or organization’s trip. C2B app can help to provide an enjoyable experience for your visit or stay.

In addition to our recommended licensed tour guides, our C2B Ride Sharing will take you there. Connect2Black is all you need. It will provide you with pop-up notification to events taking place around you.

Our C2B app carries the “Black Press News Stand” feature as a vital source of information. That’s just the tip of the many features found with this app, and it’s FREE, and it’s in your pocket for easy access and convenience. This platform also accepts job posting for the handyperson workforce. We are optimistic about our unified efforts to collaborate in such an important effort. We further believe that our common goals and mission is what unites us.

Therefore, humbly with the anticipation of aligning this app with your organization’s mission and goals, we aspire to accomplish the C2B connection. At the top banner is a link on the mobile image for a direct link for downloads on iOS and Android Mobile devices.

Join us in this movement to bring the Black Dollar home to our children for generations to come. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Founder Vizitt, LLC


Weather you are here with a convention, or new resident to the town, and you want to connect to the best Black owned restaurants, Black owned Jazz entertainment establishments, Black owned Beauty or Barber that’s nearest you, our GPS AroundMe365 feature will connect you to the source of interest, act as a concierge for you, establish the itinerary for your trip, and help to provide an enjoyable experience for your visit or stay. Connect2Black is all you need. It will provide you with pop-up notification to events taking place around you. ie Second lines, parades, Masking Indians and more…. That’s just the tip of the many features found with this app, and its FREE and in your pocket.


Keeping the Black Community connected. In order to maintain the integrity of the Connect2Blacks community, and to ensure that our connections among one another provides consistently, great experiences through Commerce, Culture and Community, it is imperative that Connect2Blacks member partners and app users appreciate the following principles to insure its success.The bottom line is that by embracing the mission and philosophy of this organization, our users must appreciate the unique legacy of Blackness and Black Conscientiousness, ancestral sacrifices, inherited jewels and enduring history. With the bold intent of securing future generations with the confidence that WE had the wisdom, understanding the obligation and responsibility to Buy Black, and work together for a permanent place in the global market.Therefore we intend to increase the circulation of the Black Dollar within our own community by doing more business with other Black businesses and organizations that support the interest of Black people. Secondly, the visibility, preservation and doctrine of Black Culture is paramount. Thirdly, to manifest the building of the Black Community through housing, jobs, health, education, faith, love and wholesomeness of the Black Family life.

Celebrity Endorsements and Testimonials

young engineer making out plans
Happy businessman in the city

I’m proud to be a part of an international movement called Connect2Black. It affords me the opportunity to be connected among community leaders, culture bearers, and other small businesses, which fosters culture commerce, and community. I encourage you to Connect2Black

Young man using mobile phone

I’ve had difficulty finding other black-owned small businesses. Sometimes, it’s difficult to connect the dots and find business owners that look like me, but with Connect2Black I can easily map out black-owned business in my area and fulfill whatever need I have while empowering others. I Connect2Black to empower others.

African chef

You can say I have a sweet tooth. I buy my doughnuts every morning, and sometimes I buy a pastry on my way home. Connect2Black allows me to access black-owned bakeries I never knew of. I Connect2Black to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Modern woman walking with cell phone in the city

I always have difficulty finding black restaurants. With Connect2Black, I can easily see different restaurants owned by people like me who cook the food that I love. I Connect2Black top fulfill my appetite for good food.

Stylish young businesswoman checking her mobile

I love jazz music, but sometimes I want a change in scenery and don’t want to hang at the same old clubs. With Connect2Black, I can find new and interesting places for music and entertainment. Now I can Connect2Black to have a great time on the town.

Happy young woman in coffee shop using mobile phone

People always tell me, there are so many resources out there to help the community but I just can’t seem to find them. When I Connect2Black, I can access non-profit organizations and civic groups that help me to live a better life.

Come and visit me, and get some great food, when you Connect2Black.

You will never run out of things to do when you visit New Orleans.

Have a wonderfully unique experience when you get here. Use Connect 2 Black to stay up to date with local events that you can be part of.

  • Happy businessman in the city
  • African chef
  • Young man using mobile phone
  • Modern woman walking with cell phone in the city
  • Stylish young businesswoman checking her mobile
  • Happy young woman in coffee shop using mobile phone
  • young lady
  • chef al


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